Leeza G. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 3 years ago

Mrs. And sales manager.

Qualia mind made me feel nauseous from 7pills. And if I took less I didn’t feel anything. It also made me feel extra tired by 5pm instead of the opposite. In general I experienced brain fog with qualia mind. Not at all what I expected.

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Kevin P. March 20, 2022

Game changer

Best I've tried

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Arthur K. February 16, 2022

So far,so good.

This is my third nootropic stack.The amounts and ingredients are outstanding,but.....I haven't got that really intense focus many people are claiming to receive.Don't get me wrong,focus and help in multi-tasking ARE there,just not to the levels I was expecting.Going to complete two bottles worth ...

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Cameron A. November 22, 2021

5 stars

February 11, 2022

5 stars