Simona B. reviewed Qualia Night

almost 2 years ago

My husband likes it & he’s like Mikey, he doesn’t like anything!

The title of this review is a joke for the older crowd. :) But what it means is that my husband will take the healthy stuff I give him and say “yeah I feel something”. But with this product we both feel tired at the time we are supposed to go to bed (as opposed to 2am when we LIKE to go to bed but know we are being rebellious against our health). And we both feel more rested throughout the day. I’m a Health Coach and when people ask me what is the most important thing they need to know to be healthy, they assume I’ll say eat more kale! Exercise! Eat lean protein! But I say the two most important aspects of health is water (hydration) and SLEEP! Because if you’re not sleeping and allowing your brain and body to heal, all the Jake and dumbbells in the world can’t save you. This product, thankfully, works. I only use Qualia products as they’re research and clean production are meticulous. Much gratitude Qualia.

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