Sheila L. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

8 months ago

No disrespect but I don’t see a difference

I have not noticed anything 😔

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you for trying Qualia Senolytic. Qualia Senolytic should be thought of as a product that pays healthy aging dividends over time and with repeated cycles of use. In the pilot study we did of Qualia Senolytic prior to bringing it to market, the participants were between the ages of 32 and 66 and had at least a moderate degree of difficulty in comfortably performing a variety of activities of daily living (this is something that frequently accompanies aging). Most of the participants reported greater ease in comfortably performing these activities and less of the occasional stiffness that can accompany aging after two dosing cycles of Qualia Senolytic (i.e., after taking a full dose of Qualia Senolytic for 2 days, taking a few weeks off, and then taking another full dose of Qualia Senolytic for 2 days). While this is one use case, we created Qualia Senolytic to support healthy aging in many areas (brain, muscles, immune function, joint, skin, etc.) so benefits may show up at varying speeds and in a variety of areas of function in different people depending on where aging is taking a toll. We are sorry to hear you did not feel any different while using Qualia Senolytic; we see that you reached out to the Customer Support staff for a refund, so you are all set.

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Rob T. May 31, 2022

Love it!

This may be a game changer. Looking forward to experiencing the benefits of Qualia Senolytic.I like that the product is easy to take and the packaging is minimal. I also like that you don't have to take this supplement every day.

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Teresa K. August 17, 2023


Arrived timely: Ordered on the 14, received on the 16. Curious - do you take all 6 pills together or spread them out throughout the day? You are asking for a review/rating and I can't give that to you yet.

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Spencer G. February 9, 2024

new to senolytic

so far I can comment for very quick shipping, taking the capsule now. all 6 went down easy no weird taste

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Laura L. February 15, 2024

Trying for first time

Hope that I notice a difference. Glad to try and see!!!

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