Andy S. reviewed Qualia Vision

3 months ago

No effect on vision

I was hopeful this would help my vision but it had no effect at all.

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you for your feedback on Qualia Vision. We are sorry to hear you did not feel the benefits. We have refunded you for the bottle. Please reach out to our Customer Support team if you need anything further. Thank you!

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Wendy S. September 21, 2021

It’s early days to tell whether or not this product will really improve my eyesight.

Too early to tell

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Brandon N. July 1, 2021

Unique ingredient profile but not long enough sample to tell a difference.

I just didn't feel like I could feel any impact.

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Brad G. August 28, 2021

not much here

Expected more affect in the short term. Not a convert, sorry.

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Rob S. July 1, 2021

Neurohacker Vision Study

Only had a “sample” amount (small bottle) but did notice a slight improvement in eye fatigue towards the end of the bottle

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