Bernadette D. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

almost 5 years ago

Not feeling much of anything

It's been 10 days now - followed the instructions and took the 2 days off, taking correct dosage, and can't say I feel either increased energy or any change at all in pretty much anything.

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Kevin W. February 2, 2018

Fantastic product!

Very glad I found qualia! I am hooked on neurohacking! Feel more like myself, deal with stress better, and the list goes on. Thanks guys!

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Isaac C. February 22, 2018

Spontaneous long-term memory recollection

The biggest thing I have noticed while taking Qualia is that I seem to just feel more like myself. I have been recalling memories from the distant past that help me strengthen myself as a person. These memories make me feel happy and inspired because I can be confident in who I am and present my ...

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James F. January 3, 2018


Qualia is amazing. Kills procrastination instantly and starts the work momentum for the day. I consider Qualia an investment bc I'm 2x more productive when I take it so it pays for itself. But y'all need sample packs. I was skeptical until a friend gave me some to try.

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Tom M. December 13, 2017

Fog Reduction

I've tried so many things to help with the brain fog and fatigue I have been experiences for over 3 years. Qualia is the first thing that has given me a definitive boost. Thanks NHC!

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