Bernadette D. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

almost 4 years ago

Not feeling much of anything

It's been 10 days now - followed the instructions and took the 2 days off, taking correct dosage, and can't say I feel either increased energy or any change at all in pretty much anything.

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Laura W. January 25, 2018

This product works!

Qualia works as promised, and I highly recommend it. On day 1 I felt so it working. On day 2 it worked better, and by day 4 the benefits were obvious. I felt happier than I’ve felt in years, with more energy and greatly improved concentration. I smile now!

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Carla C. September 27, 2017

Changed my life

Best investment ever. Feel amazing. Assertive, confident, energized. Love this stuff!! Thanks!

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Joey K. January 2, 2018

Excellent, Best buck spent!

Today marks my second week taking Qualia. The benefits are remarkable. In my line of work I have to stay sharp at the most highest level and these supplements are my gateway. I understand that this product does not work if I am not ‘already’ taking care of myself; staying fit, hydrated, eating nu...

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Nichelle S. October 27, 2017

Qualia is life changing

I’ve been using Qualia for 6 months and have seen incredible results. I’ve stopped taking my other supplements and am only taking Qualia and I’m saving money. My brain has been working at increasing rates, my hormones are in balance, and I’m feeling unstoppable. Thank you Qualia

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