Stephanie C. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

over 1 year ago

Not the Right Time of Life for this one?

I got a bit of lift from the product about half an hour after taking it most mornings of the 5 day trial but by early to mid afternoon I felt that slightly wired tired feeling similar to if i've had too much coffee. Weirdly enough I had about 3 days of craving decaf coffee about 2 hours after taking the product. Having been a prior purchaser of Qualia Mind and the Caffeine free version I have to say that the lift in wellbeing, energy or focus wasn't there with this Essentials product. However this may have also been because of where I am at in my own perimenopause cycle, started struggling with sleep about 2-3 weeks before the product arrived (estrogen progesterone balance out of whack) so was gently recovering with some more restful night sleeps as I started this trial product. I also did a Transformational Breathing workshop with R. Cristian Minson halfway through the trial week and so I had 3 days after that of being very triggered emotionally as stuff was released/integrated.

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Mathias B. July 21, 2021

Faster Physical Response Time

One of the benefits that I've noticed from taking Qualia Mind Essentials that is that my physical response time has increased. If something slips out of my hand, I'll just reach and grab it midair, (about) 9 out of 10 times, which is something that did not happen before. Thank you Neurohacker Col...

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Patrick C. January 18, 2021

Seems to actually help focus.

Thank you for this opportunity!

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Catherine B. February 5, 2020


I took 3 days of the suggested dose (5 capsules) and it ended up being a bit of an overwhelming experience. In hindsight I should have started with a much smaller dose. I then unfortunately came down with gastro and couldn't keep food down for 5 days. The product definitely worked in terms of imp...

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Christina S. April 16, 2021


By far the best nootropic I’ve ever tried. Instant lazer focus and energy. Bravo!

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