Stephanie C. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

6 months ago

Not the Right Time of Life for this one?

I got a bit of lift from the product about half an hour after taking it most mornings of the 5 day trial but by early to mid afternoon I felt that slightly wired tired feeling similar to if i've had too much coffee. Weirdly enough I had about 3 days of craving decaf coffee about 2 hours after taking the product. Having been a prior purchaser of Qualia Mind and the Caffeine free version I have to say that the lift in wellbeing, energy or focus wasn't there with this Essentials product. However this may have also been because of where I am at in my own perimenopause cycle, started struggling with sleep about 2-3 weeks before the product arrived (estrogen progesterone balance out of whack) so was gently recovering with some more restful night sleeps as I started this trial product. I also did a Transformational Breathing workshop with R. Cristian Minson halfway through the trial week and so I had 3 days after that of being very triggered emotionally as stuff was released/integrated.

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Joseph C. November 3, 2020

Pretty good

Day 1, [ 3 capsules]more confidence and focus. Fixed sleeping schedule, I seemed to be tired at the time of day i used to when my sleeping schedule was @ a (fixed-time) Day 2, [ 4 capsules] more energy produced and with less being used, less fatigue, more focused. More energetic, Deep sleep. ...

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Nancy D. October 11, 2019

An inner calmness

Every time I take Qualia Focus it’s like a wave of ease washes over (and inside) my cells making me feel the flow in life I so desperately needed. πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I feel an inner calmness that made me realize I was actually operating at a low level anxiety.

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Samuel K. July 15, 2020


When I take Qualia Focus in the morning before leaving home for work,by the time I reach workplace between 20-30 minutes, I already feel active and ready for physical work. I also feel very attentive and focus on the job. I love Qualia Focus, it very much for me.

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Christian V. January 6, 2020


I truly love everything about this brand. They supply the BEST QUALITY (qualia hahah) forms of botanicals and ingredients! So much focus and drive and I feel like myself, with boosted personality and flow. I even bought some for my parents for Christmas and they absolutely love it! Number one no...

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