Michael K. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

4 months ago

nothing yet

can't tell can difference. What am I supposed to feel

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Michael, thank you for your Qualia Senolytic product review. What you may feel after taking Qualia Senolytic can vary person-to-person: for some people it may be the skin, for other people it may be fat or muscle tissue, for others it could be the brain, joints, immune system, etc. Because of this, there is no one way that Qualia Senolytic is experienced. With the above in mind, the areas you should expect benefits are the areas that are typically most impacted during aging, so pay attention to signs of healthier skin, muscles, joints and brain functions, as well as overall health and energy, after two-to-three months of taking Qualia Senolytic. Our customer support team placed a hold on your subscription for now. Please reach out to the support team if you'd like to continue at [email protected].

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Nevada H. October 1, 2023

Gave me Headache

This gave me a headache and made me very tired all day. And now I'm trying to cancel my subscription and they are not letting me...typical

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Robin S. October 22, 2023

Feeling less stiff and more active

A bit unsure on the actual dosing regimen, but easy to use and feeling less stiff, especially with a long time knee injury. Will continue along with intermittent fasting in hopes of continuing to keep up with my youngest adult son who is disabled and needs an active mom to keep up.

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John B. August 9, 2022

I feel 19 again

I'm 27, am fitness conscious, am an experienced psychonaut, and after using this product, I feel physically revitalized and experience enhanced vigor during my workouts the following days, I definitely will continue using this product

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Courtney C. June 5, 2022

Another innovation from Qualia

I am always impressed by the quality ingredients and research that go into Qualia’s innovative products. I will have to give this product more time to work before I can properly assess it, but I’m sure it will be another breakthrough.I like that this is a once a month dosage, and I’m interested i...

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