Ricardo M. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

12 months ago

Noticeable improvement

I feel a little more alert and able to focus better.

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Laura A. October 23, 2022


Thinking had become a chore. It felt like I was working in a marsh; there was no flow. Enter Qualia products (I took Mind, Focus, Sleep and Vision- I was pretty desperate). It wasn't instant but within a week or two, I noticed the brain congestion began clearing and I could think clearly again. M...

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Nena J. November 6, 2023

Great Product

I have been struggling with intense brain fog, so I went to a naturopath and he recommended trying this, in addition to a couple of other things. I really enjoy this product and after about a week of being on it, I can tell a difference.

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Sadiq B. December 12, 2023


This product is one of the most amazing nootropics of our time !

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Dylan D. February 5, 2023

Qualia Focus Shipping and Delivery

Item came super quick, and the order notifications from NH was superb!

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