Terry A. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago


Thanks for the opportunity to review, unfortunately the product is not working for me. I have tried a couple of different doses, 2 first thing in the morning, 2 an hour later. I have also tried 3 but no real effect, in fact it makes me less energetic. I wish it would work for me as it has for others.

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Terry! We have reached out to you via email with some additional information.

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Melanie K. April 21, 2022


This is the best nootropic that I have tried so far...I have ADD and I don't want to be on adderal, so I thought I would give nootropics a try, I tried a bunch of different ones and Qualia is by far my favorite!!! I just love it!!!Thank you Neurohacker....

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Ej K. April 19, 2021

Great product. Miserable fulfillment

Ordered Qualia Mind, was pleased with product so tried the Mind-Life-Immune package through a subscription. Next thing I know two more Qhalia minds show up in separate maings and two more package orders in additional mailings. Have been charged for all orders never made. Again, love the products ...

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Jason E. March 30, 2022

Feel Good

I feel a boost and get a mild jolt of focus that is not overpowering. Taking 7 pills is a bit much but I look at it that I have to start my day with a lot of water. I also don't eat breakfast so really like you don't need to eat food before taking pills.

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Courtney M. September 7, 2021

Powerful supplement

Sometimes Qualia Mind gives me amazing, sustained energy throughout the day, but other times it seems to taper off after a few hours. Perhaps it's something to do with my sleep or diet. Overall though, I love how Qualia makes me feel - calm yet focused, and excited to take on the day. I usually o...

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