Elizabeth G. reviewed Qualia Vision

7 months ago

Only used one bottle

Only had the first bottle and didn’t notice any changes as of yet. My 2nd bottle will arrive the 14th. I will update when I have finished 2nd bottle if I notice difference with my vision in anyway.

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Joshua S. October 17, 2021

5 stars

Cori C. July 4, 2021

Vision study

Initially my floaters were not as obvious. Things seemed a little brighter and clearer. They pretty much stayed the same from the 1st 5 doses til after all 15

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Fred C. July 16, 2021

Great Product!

Highly recommend for long periods in front of a computer! Very noticeable increase in eye strength and fatigue after an 8 hour workday. Almost no fatigue with this product and I use to experience eye fatigue after around lunchtime every day. Great product!

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Joseph A. July 1, 2021

Noticeable effect!

I feel like my contacts don't dry out and I don't get headaches in front of screens as often.

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