kaede t. reviewed Qualia Mind

14 days ago

Overall Great Enhancer for brain

Feels great using this over some time, improved my ability to get things done throughout the day, I now feel like I don't have enough time to get all things done which what the opposite back then ahaha!

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Curtis C. March 2, 2023

Love it

Best thing ever

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Mark W. April 13, 2022

Great Product

Great product. I have however lowered the recommended dose to 3 pills. I find this works for me better.

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Josiah L. August 30, 2023

It works

I take Qualia Mind for a boost in performance when working on memory intensive tasks. 5-6 pills my sweet spot. I have noticed a boost in my mental cognition with little to no drawbacks.

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aldo r. August 27, 2023

Great for focusing on difficult projects and tasks

Qualia is great for for focusing and getting things done even when you feel that you lack the motivation or drive.

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