Danny S. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 3 years ago

Placebo. Maybe, Maybe not

I have take. This product following all the directions and guidelines and I still have yet “to feel” this energy and focus ect. Sometimes I feel like I do but then it fades very fast. So I’m not sure if it’s my mind playing tricks on me or not... I have also attempted there suggestion of, Qualia performs at its best when the brain and body are fully rested. To stop taking the product for 3 days straight and focus on sleeping as much as I can. Then resume and see if I get better results.. Eh maybe. I have severe ADHA so it’s hard to judge if it’s working. I don’t think I would “dread” waking up and taking the Qualia mind “or Qualia focus” if I didn’t have to swallow 7! horse sized capsules to equal 1 serving. Maybe come up with a super concentrated formula or a ultra bioavailability formula. So we don’t have to take 7-9 of these gigantic capsules.

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