Joseph C. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

about 1 year ago

Pretty good

Day 1, [ 3 capsules]more confidence and focus. Fixed sleeping schedule, I seemed to be tired at the time of day i used to when my sleeping schedule was @ a (fixed-time) Day 2, [ 4 capsules] more energy produced and with less being used, less fatigue, more focused. More energetic, Deep sleep. Day 3, [4 capsules] more confidence, more energetic then day 1 and 2. Same amount of focused, less appetite then usual. Day 4, [3 capsules 20 minutes after wake up and 1, 3hrs after.] Headache, no fatigue, regular appetite. Deep sleep and fixed sleeping scedule. Focused but can be distracted by other things and still complete them at a faster pace. Day 5, (Saturday,oct,10th) didnt take any, felt pretty normal, slured speech and irrational thoughtfulness for sympathy or annoyed easily, feeling of downness. [Should dose to 1 pill in morning and 1 pill on afternoon, must have snack before taking pill 1. By day 6 i was fine at 2-4 pills a day and if your smoking cannabis the first couple times you'll get a terrible long lasting headache which is not good At All. Aside from that some very deep sleep and all is good👌 oh and take with food is highly recommended before or after

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Michael L. January 29, 2021

I feel more centered and focused

James R. January 29, 2021

When using Qualia Focus I have no brain fog. I don't mishear others or have that lag time in between thoughts. I am able to have better memory recall as well. This product also seems to help my mood. My mood throughout the day is kept constantly pleasant.

A first time Qualia user and couldn't have asked for a better experience.

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Casey W. September 3, 2021

5 stars

Tyler W. October 31, 2018

Just As Good

I decided to give the economic formulation "Focus" a try since my wife just gave birth to our daughter and I need to save a bit. Happy to say I have not noticed any subjective difference in comparison to the original and/or Mind formula. Based on a quick glance, it looks like the primary differ...

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