Alden R. reviewed Qualia NAD+

23 days ago

Product Review

I have NAD+, the senolytic and Life - can't wait to see how I feel!

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Terri T. February 28, 2024

NAD Product - Great

One of the best NAD boosters available.

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Nichelle C. February 1, 2023

The aether

This stuff is magic beans. I feel like I’m the Cupid on Valentine’s Day. Sensual and creative and ethereal. This elixir of heaven moved the needle inside of my brain. I feel more inside of myself than I can describe with English language. I’m fixated. Obsessed. I want some more, now.

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Stephanie D. February 1, 2023

More stength and energy.

It seemed like it helped with overall strength in my body. I had more energy, and tasks seemed just a little easier to accomplish.

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Taylor C. February 1, 2023

Feeling better

Overall, I feel better. A bit more energy, but really just seem to be able to switch tasks easier. Felt hot and flushed half the days first thing after taking, but that went away quickly.

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