Birabwa M. reviewed Qualia Vision | Beta Tester

4 months ago

Product seems great but I cannot give an accurate review

I believe rhe product could work if I was using it long term and if I was completely done with my Detox. As a person who had numerous medical issues from childhood and had high doses of various medications, I am aware that I have a high amount of heavy metals in my system - not to mention amalgam fillings. If I did not have a heavy Toxin load, I 6hink I could have given you a more accurate answer.

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Chance E. June 12, 2021

Easy on the eyes.

Easy one pill a day with food supplement. I have had no negative issues.

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Katie R. June 12, 2021


I feel like my vision is getting crisper

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A B. July 1, 2021

No Effect Noticed

I did not notice any effects.

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Claire M. September 27, 2021

4 stars