Lucy H. reviewed Qualia Mind

11 months ago

Qualia mind

I’m enjoying all the amazing benefits this product offers!! My memory, focus, and drive are back! I don’t want to go without it. Qualia mind is a huge part of my daily routine! It helps me stay focused and get things done.

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Jamie a. December 12, 2021


This stuff makes me feel focused and on top of everything at work and at home.

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tolga . December 1, 2020


I really love the product but now I started get severe headaches! I would like to know is that a common symptom? Have a good week

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Shawnee K. March 28, 2023

Amazing neuritropic

I feel the quality of this neurotropic is higher than a lot of the other ones on the market and I Fill the effects even when I take a smaller dose which is nice To Spread out the product a little bit longer. But even if I Take the full suggested amount amount I don't Feel any negative adv...

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October 31, 2023

4 stars