Toya G. reviewed Qualia Mind

9 months ago

Qualia Mind

I have been taking Qualia Mind for a month and find myself more focused and able to stay on task with my studies. I noticed I’m able to study for five hours and still have energy to keep going. Love Love this product.

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Asher E. February 4, 2023

Gives a boost in mental energy and mood

I noticed a boost in my mood the first time I took it. I almost felt a buzz similar to nicotine. I like it overall but for me, it is too expensive.

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Dawn S. May 5, 2022

4 stars

Michelle G. October 29, 2023

Helps with low mood

This product does help lift you up from a low mood right away. Highly recommend it.

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Chris P. October 13, 2022

Clear minded

Noticed the effects right away. More clear minded and focused

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