Jeffrey G. reviewed Qualia NAD+

about 2 months ago

Qualia NAD+

I've just started using but am very please with the continuing results of NAD+. A much more effective alternative than IV shots.

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Stephanie D. February 1, 2023

More stength and energy.

It seemed like it helped with overall strength in my body. I had more energy, and tasks seemed just a little easier to accomplish.

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Spencer C. January 12, 2024


Felt a surprising surge of alertness with first dose. I wasn’t expecting a feel good response but got one!

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William T. February 8, 2024

Qualia NAD+

Excellent product

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Malia N. February 13, 2024

Feels Like It's Working

I have been taking an NAD product which I liked. The Quaiia NAD+ ingredients looked like it worked with more and different ingredients so I wanted to try it. I found that I am having to use less of a dose than what is suggested (2 capsules rather than 4) to achieve all day energy. This makes Q...

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