Michael H. reviewed Qualia Resilience

over 1 year ago

Qualia Resilience

I hesitated to give 5 stars even though it was my first impulse to do so. My first month taking Qualia Resilience has been enjoyable and noticeable changes happened within the first 2 days of taking QR. Definitely a mood boost, subtle but consistent. The cognitive and mood boost is enjoyable although the changes are subtle. I interpret this as good feedback that the overall effect is very balanced and maybe not even noticeable for a while(though I am sensitive and picked up on it), and since I suspect I would notice more sharply if I stop taking it, will continue the subscription for now. I honestly don't have a lot of stress in my life(due to wise choices) thought that doesn't mean I'm not benefiting from the QR blend. My goal was more for a general mood resilience, and, so far, so good. Nice boost. As far as I can tell it does lend itself toward a mild, equanimous mood and outlook, and supports my goal to maintain this.

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Robert H. July 14, 2022

Definitely helps with stress!

Definitely helps with stress! Thank you for developing it.

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Andrew T. July 27, 2022


Was a very subtle energy boost and relaxing

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Jeanne S. July 23, 2022

Calm and in control

I felt calmer and in better control while taking this product. I yelled less:)

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Jonathan T. July 13, 2022

Taking on the day

I feel much more calm and content with resilience and I was able to take on more of the days challenges while on it.

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