Rogelio G. reviewed Qualia Life

almost 3 years ago

Simply the best! I love this product

Simply the best! I love this product!!!

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Barbara C. January 17, 2021

Good overall experience

I took 8 capsules each morning just before breakfast I had no unpleasant experience Felt energetic & focused

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Shawn R. December 9, 2021

5 stars

Justin P. April 2, 2021

So far, so good.

I use Qualia Life and Mind daily, taking the recommended breaks in cycles. So far it has been a positive experience. The most significant difference is my consistent energy levels through out the entire day. I work long hours and do mentally challenging work, which requires me to focus for nearly...

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Robert M. February 27, 2023

Great ingredients

Great ingredient list. Dose and price are a bit high.

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