Kelleigh J. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

6 months ago

Slight increase in energy and focus

I noticed a slight increase in energy and focus but not enough to continue with the product in the future.

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Patricia F. January 23, 2021

It made me nauseous. I did feel slightly more focused in the morning after the nausea went away, but 5 pills sitting in an empty stomach didn’t work for me and I don’t eat breakfast so I didn’t have another option to try.

I really wanted to like it

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Catherine M. January 25, 2021

The 1st week, I've noticed a modest increase in my ability to focus. My energy levels have been good in the morning with a slight dip in the early afternoon. This is most likely due to the caffeine.

Qualia Focus Week 1 of 4 Beta Trial

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Heather F. February 6, 2021

A great supplement! Gives me energy and focus without getting jittery.

A great supplement!

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Patrick C. January 18, 2021

Seems to actually help focus.

Thank you for this opportunity!

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