Erica G. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic | Beta Tester

5 months ago

Great product

Great product.

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kore A. June 16, 2023


I have had what I thought was a "nervous belly" for years! At least until now ! Qualia Synbiotic helped "ease the queeze" in my belly! and... I love that it has added enzymes and excellent for you fermented foods OH, and it tastes YUMMO!!

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Ami S. November 2, 2022

Considering a monthly subscription.

I experienced a general feeling of well-being, and increased energy. I had better control of my appetite. I used a hand held mixer which worked well and made the drink frothy.

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Taylor C. June 16, 2023

Good so far!

Gut has been feeling good since starting to drink this. Seems to be working. And it tastes good, which makes it easier to stick with taking.

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Abraham B. December 6, 2023

Looking Forward

Looking forward to lifechanging results. Just started to take it ...

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