Kathleen P. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

6 months ago

The only nootropic that works for me

Five years ffter being diagnosed with lupus, I began experiencing symptoms of brain fog. Given the nature of my work, where I am entrusted with the care of others, a sharp memory is crucial. During my board exam preparation, I tried Qualia Mind and fortunately, I didn't encounter any adverse effects. Instead, I distinctly remember successfully passing the exam and becoming a nurse. As I prepare for the FNP board exam in December, I've been exploring alternative, more cost-effective brain supplements. I experimented with Neuro-Mag, but it unfortunately led to severe digestive issues. Another supplement, endorsed by Joe Rogan, yielded an unpleasant experience. Despite having a light meal and taking two capsules, I felt unwell within two hours, experiencing hot flashes, nausea, and bloating. I had to rest and stay hydrated to get through the day, and I was disappointed to have missed a day of studying. Returning to Qualia has proven to be a wise choice. It doesn't produce any adverse effects, and it can be taken with or without food. Given that I typically don't eat breakfast, taking it on an empty stomach works best for me.

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Brad T. August 2, 2021

Exceptional clarity

I was skeptical about the claims made about this product. If such a product exists, why wasn't everyone talking about it? I'm happy I ignored my skepticism and tried it. It has given me clarity that I haven't had in years, and as a result, made me a happier person.

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David M. May 8, 2020

It might work but I can't really tell yet.

I started with 6 per morning, now I'm up to 8. I got caffeine free because I love my morning cup of joe, so I can't say that it is helping me above and beyond the coffee. I plan to up my dose again next week.

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eli r. May 15, 2020

truck driver

great product, helps me keep focused and alert, even in 10 plus hour shifts I end the day with very little mental fatigue

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Henry T. February 8, 2022


I was pleasantly impressed by the early results, even taking only one or two capsules. I also have experienced that taking one later in the day can give a little boost in concentration and motivation as well.

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