Kristen C. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

25 days ago

The perfect productivity supplement for busy professionals who care about their health.

Qualia Nootropic Energy was just what I needed to push through a busy week. My biggest challenge is mental focus. Being a solopreneur means I am pulled in many directions which diminishesproductivity. Qualia Nootropic Energy enabled me to mono-focus on my most pressing projects, and have the drive to get them done. As a wellness authority I am always looking for supplements that work with my body to achieve the desired results. This works.

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Peter T. November 13, 2019

I take Qualia MIND early morning between 5-6am and then Nootropic early afternoon 12noon-1pm and remain motivated hyper focused all day and then easily fall asleep by 9pm.

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Christopher G. May 9, 2019

Christopher's Review

Unusually optimistic, focused

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Kyle S. May 3, 2019


More energy

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Nick J. May 4, 2019


No real effect yet.

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