Cody S. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 2 years ago

The Significance of Qualia

I've been taking Qualia for about 3 months now and since then I've noticed an significant increase in my mental capacity and ability to focus/hold multiple ideas/thoughts at once and make connections that I'd never made before. I'll get into flow states where ideas and thoughts will just start flowing and I'll be able to express them through writing and conversations with others. I don't get tired throughout the day like I used to. I'm able to focus more during meditation. My dreamscape has become a lot more vivid and I'm exploring the realm of lucid dreaming and what I can learn from it. Anyway, Qualia has truly been a game changer and I've never experienced a supplement/nootropic like them!

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Valerie S. November 24, 2017

Life saving stuff

I’ve been having problems finding ADD medication that aren’t stimulants with horrible side effects and this stuff gives me just the right amount of dopamine to start my day and get things done. Great product.

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Angela M. September 28, 2017

This is what it feels like to be me!

I've always had this sense that "I'm not as smart as I'm supposed to be," and that I'm not as dynamic and energetic as I am in my head. This has lead me on a long journey of trying different healing modalities, diets, and supplements. Many help, but nothing like this. Sustained, calm, and focused...

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Yury M. January 3, 2018

supports great energy and focus!

After a few weeks I think I have figured out the most beneficial way to take step 1 and step 2 for me personally. I always get rockstar energy from step 1, and for some reason step 2 slows me down a bit, not sure if this is how it should work. After all, I think it's a great product that can help...

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Thomas H. September 12, 2017


Seems to be a legit product. Helps me stay focused and sharp. Price per month is too high. Will continue taking it, but sooner or later, I'm probably going to stop dolling out over $100 month. Wouldn't be the least surprised that within a few months after I would stop ordering, someone would call...

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