Renee C. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

about 1 year ago

These Focus vitamins definitely show potential for increased levels of concentration and Recall.

I have felt like I've been able to recall names of things better the last few days. I would be curious to try it for a longer period than just the 5 days to see if it was real or just a placebo effect. I like that it's only 5 pills a day compared with some of the other vitamins offered that are 7 per day.

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Tom C. September 27, 2019

Great product

I took a couple weeks off of it and I really noticed the difference. I'm able to focus much better when I take this.

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Sherry L. February 6, 2020

Reiki and intuitive bodywork provider

Quality ingredients you can feel!

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Jade B. August 26, 2020

Great Product

I feel more energized and more focused than ever before. My processing speed and capacity to retrieve information has greatly increased. I’m more alert and feel more empathetic. My listening skills and information retention has improved. Would recommend this product to anyone looking to level up.

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Adam S. October 16, 2020

No more brain fog

I highly recommend this product if you are someone who struggles with brain fog and getting going in the morning. Give it a try.

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