Rylen F. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

5 months ago

Time will tell!

I like the idea of taking this once a month. I only took the first month but I have felt good over the weekend while taking and feel like I have an overall sense of wellbeing and motivation. I have been struggling with a SI joint injury that seems to be slightly quieter this morning. May be a coincidence, may not? I will order and take for six months with Life and Mind and see how it plays out. I consistently come back to the Qualia line because I can feel a difference. I do struggle with the # of capsules recommend because I take other supplements as well. But the Senolytic is an easy one to incorporation in.

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Andrew T. April 28, 2023

Beta Senolytic

Felt a difference. Less pain, easier movement. Improved mood not sure if it is related.

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Paula H. August 19, 2023

Looks great

Just got started with the formula but looking forward to seeing how it goes

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Catherine M. December 20, 2021

Senolytic Third Dose

I can't say definitively if there were any positive effects from taking the Senolytics pills. I think over time they would be beneficial.

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Kelly Kindt K. May 16, 2023

Not sure yet

So I’m on the first row to six pills and I’m not sure what to think of it yet. I’ll edit in a few days for better clarity.

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