Trenton J. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

10 months ago

Very intrigued

52 year-old male, on the better side of healthy male, I think. I’ve only taken one dose, so it’s really too early for me to comment with any concrete affirmation of efficacy, but I think there is something to Senolytic and hopefully it’s not just placebo. I like to think that the first couple weeks after taking it I felt clearer, more on top of my game, energized… this seemed to dissipate and I felt more like I normally feel going into week 3. Week 1 it seemed my skin was clearer, too, firmer maybe, and I’d even go so far as to say this past month the aging loose skin under my chin is less turkey-like. Senolytic is the only new addition to my lifestyle, so for now I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. My next order is on the way… can’t wait to compare dose 1 to dose 2 and hopefully figure out a way to take my mind out of it and minimize/eliminate any possible placebo.

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Cindy N. February 23, 2024

Quailia Senolytic

Excellent product, well tolerated, noticed an improvement within several days

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dawn c. January 4, 2023

recovering from covid

hi I took this product a few days after I had a strong case of Covid and I felt it put me on track again and I could literally feel myself getting more focused and on track I will definitely take this product for the next few months and feel the difference

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Scott A. August 18, 2022

More energy the day after

I love so many Qualia products already. Senolytic works. I felt more energy the day after taking it. "Lighter".

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tracy s. June 8, 2022

Try this!

Easy to take, love the short duration! Simple packaging with great research to back up product.

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