vincent t. reviewed Qualia Mind

5 months ago

Where was I without you

This stuff isn't a run-of-the-mill cognitive supplement. I'm talking about a powerhouse of 28 vegan-friendly ingredients! From Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea, to Alpha GPC and even caffeine (but you can get a caffeine-free version too). These aren't just fancy names, each ingredient serves a purpose, designed to enhance focus, memory, and mental clarity. Trust me, Qualia Mind is not just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Now, I won't lie. You might not transform into a genius overnight, but you can feel a noticeable difference in your mental energy. After a few days, it felt like my mind just shrugged off that perpetual brain fog. Focus came easier, ideas flowed faster, and even that daunting task list seemed a bit more conquerable. One important thing, though: this isn't a 'pop a pill and forget' deal. Pair it with a healthy lifestyle for optimal results. Good sleep, nutritious food, regular exercise—you know the drill. Qualia Mind just gives you that extra edge, that secret sauce, that jet fuel for your brain!

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Jaden C. May 15, 2023


Luke V. June 26, 2023


Noticeable difference in my productivity level. Slight "fish burps" after consuming 7 capsules as directed per dose.

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Nikki M. June 15, 2022

Works well, but I can't tolerate the taste

I really wish I could keep taking this because the effects are wonderful. I have struggled with brain fog and low energy for most of my adult life and Qualia really helped with those symptoms. Unfortunately, there is a taste in the back of my throat all day that I have tried to ignore, but I just...

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Salih Tuncer M. December 5, 2021

Great product

Makes difference

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