Sindy T. reviewed Qualia Vision | Beta Tester

6 months ago

You got to try this, amazing!

I was really surprised how fast I start seeing results from taking Qualia vision. Within the first few days, my eyes were not getting as tired as normal from being on the computer and phone screen basically all day long. I took the capsules on the five weekdays and took off two days on the weekend.The first weekend of not taking the capsules it seemed like my eyes were slowly getting back to normal but the second week I saw no difference the days I didn't take the capsules.I would definitely recommend a product! It made my eyes feel so much better. And I was amazed by my eye strain basically going away. and it seems to only getting better the longer you take it.

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Jennifer J. September 10, 2021

5 stars

Anthony F. July 30, 2021

5 stars

Derek M. September 6, 2021

Eyes are the window to the soul

There’s a genuine and extremely noticeable feeling of lightness and ease around my eyes and prefrontal cortex area. I strangely feel my thinking has been more clear as well. Can’t recommend this product enough, it really does work. This one and then Life as well have changed my life.

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Charmie M. July 16, 2021

Love it

Great product to use for being on the computer all day!

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