Chery P. - 2021-08-05
Regretfully 25 to 30% more in Canada plus shipping costs plus import duty fees. Out of my league for now though an excellent product.
Trey H. - 2021-08-05
This is a great product that delivers hard-hitting focus and results. Nothing better out there.
Nettie C. - 2021-08-05
I have 3 kids and after taking the night…does not matter if I get up couple of times with them or wake up early I feel rested and ready to go! thank you for this amazing product!
Sara X. - 2021-08-04
I've been using a couple new methods to reduce my evening anxiety and starting to sleep deeper with less wake ups. I have only used for one month and I know with anything natural consistency is I am now excited to use long term! THANKFUL to any company who is willing to find the good stuff, keep it good, and sell it!
Doug W. - 2021-08-04
I love this stuff. I'm clear headed, sharp, quick and motivated but not in the fleeting way an energy drink or coffee will accomplish this. From this Qualia offering, I feel as I imagine one is supposed to feel when properly rested and with a dialed in nutritional and exercise regiment.
Maureen W. - 2021-08-04
So far I love life product.
Jaoued S. - 2021-08-04
Great experience
Rich W. - 2021-08-03
Incredible results after a few days. Tons of focus and energy. Was doubtful it would be worth the price. Absolutely worth every penny.
Milutin M. - 2021-08-03
Great product
Duncan R. - 2021-08-02
This product puts me into continual flow all day. So enjoyable!
Guest - 2021-08-02
The first time I took Qualia I experienced a slight headache but then I divided the dosage, 4 capsules in the am, and, 3 capsules in the pm. Kinesthetic functioning and executive functioning's improved. Also, I've noticed syntax improvement in both written and verbal communication along with increased clarity and memory.
Andy H. - 2021-08-02
I notice it's a lot easier to stay focused during the day and be less distracted by stray emotions and daily distractions. I can think clearly and hear myself think most of the day. It's got quality ingredients and I think it's helped me to better concentrate during the days I take it and the days that I don't. Overall seems like a great brain booster!
Jose L. - 2021-08-01
If you pay close attention to the list of ingredients you will understand the benefits it has to keep you focus and attention running at 100%. This takes time, but once you are there you don’t want to go back.
Joshua P. - 2021-08-01
I cycle between a few different cognitive enhancement stacks and this is one that I have used off and on for a couple years. Providing smooth and steady support, I can modify my caffeine as needed. Great product!
Anthony F. - 2021-07-30
Great tool for winning the proverbial mind vs matter battle
Felix S. - 2021-07-30
Helps power me through the day and my demanding deliverables. I follow through on thought patterns and be focused. Very strong product !!!
mary c. - 2021-07-30
I can't wait to take this stuff in the morning and am slightly resentful (Jk!) when i can't use it every day! I do follow the directions. Go for it!
Christopher H. - 2021-07-30
Like the title says
Arvind S. - 2021-07-29
Would recommend!
Brandon T. - 2021-07-29
I've had multiple eye surgery's for multiple issues - so my eyes get really very worn out, faster than most, these nutrients seriously help regain visual focus when stressed, pushing performance forward. Recommended.
david m. - 2021-07-28
Great product!
Rona D. - 2021-07-28
I thought of writing a review during the first week but waited a bit longer to truly give a real account of my experience to help others like myself, on the verge of collapse due to lack of sleep. Going into week two (had two nights off as directions suggest) and I feel renewed. It didn’t work so well for my husband and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because he doesn’t have the same lifestyle habits as I do. I’ve been doing the Bulletproof coffee for about three weeks now, I gave up alcoho...Read more.
Nicholas J. - 2021-07-28
Takes a few days to take full effect, but once it does Wow
Jamie H. - 2021-07-28
I have been an Avid Nootropics User for 7+ Years Now and Qualia Mind is by far the most Advanced and Complete All-In-One Nootropic I’ve ever seen! I used to buy about 30 Different Individual Nootropic Powders which got Very Expensive and Time Consuming! With Qualia Mind, you get a Complete and Well Researched Nootropic Complex in Pill Form combined with the Wisdom of the Neurohacker Collective to get the Correct Dosages and Synergy among the Ingredients!
Lauren P. - 2021-07-27
I do not sleep well through the night. I usually wake up several times in the night and struggle to fall back to sleep. I am then exhausted and struggle through the following day. After about 2 weeks of taking this supplement, I realized that my sleep had entirely changed. If I wake up in the night now (eg- to use the restroom), I'm able to fall back to sleep immediately. And the sleep I have is deep and restorative. I genuinely recommend this to anyone who struggles with sleep. (*Note- I did...Read more.