James M. - 2021-10-20
I have been taking Qualia for almost 1 month and I can truly say that I've noticed a positive difference in my clarity, focus, attention, and mental energy...particularly in the morning. I look forward to experiencing other neurocognitive changes as I continue to incorporate this supplement into my routine.
Susan C. - 2021-10-20
Incredible clarity and mental focus ALL DAY long!!
Lenier A. - 2021-10-19
Deeply grateful to have tried this formula after so many years of following people like Jason Silva whom shares a content that really well describes. One of a kind pills, did recommend it to a couple people and will stack again whenever I can.
Emily H. - 2021-10-19
It's still early but so far I am getting deeper sleep. I've been prescribed everything but while they help me fall asleep, they don't help my quality of sleep.
Bryan S. - 2021-10-18
Qualia Night allows for quality nighttime sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.
David L. - 2021-10-18
Great product. Felt after few days
Moody A. - 2021-10-16
Since starting Qualia Life, I have noticed a significant increase in my energy level. I can keep my activities going for longer and am not as tired afterwards.
Patrick W. - 2021-10-16
Qualia Mind helps with the baseline clarity of my awareness, focus, and creativity.
Christine C. - 2021-10-16
I tried 2 other memory products, but this is the only one that made me feel more alert and energized. I’m pleased with it.
Gina Q. - 2021-10-16
Just got my Qualia Mind can’t wait to see if it makes a difference
Joseph B. - 2021-10-14
Keeps me dialed in
Ronnie E. - 2021-10-14
This is immensely more better than coffee. I get way more done in the day thanks to my clarity of mind and focus! Love this product and would recommend it to anyone.
Francisco S. - 2021-10-13
Caleb R. - 2021-10-13
Was skeptical, but it was pretty quick I noticed a change cognitively. My drive seems to have gone up-started my own business I've been putting off for forever. The price is a bit rough so I have thought about trying other brands but it's definitely a good product would recommend if you have the extra cash
Erik H. - 2021-10-13
The effects are subtle and kick in overtime, but I can definitely discern a general increase in wellbeing. Physiologically, I can also sense a better relationship to sleep, which compounds with the overall increased sense of vitality and energy. Keep making great products!
Gary S. - 2021-10-12
Great product and customer service
Josh R. - 2021-10-11
The best way I can describe it is that it gives me the energetic lift of a cup of coffee with no jitters or noticeable caffeine come down.  I am flying through my to-do list and working out without feeling like it is a chore.
Phil M. - 2021-10-11
So I’m new to the product but I have to say the ingredients put into these pills just may be the magic formula for good sleep.
Thomas H. - 2021-10-11
Both my wife and I are taking Qualia Mind. We are both in our upper 70's are very satisfied with the results. We both have higher energy levels especially toward the end of the day. We are definitely more focused. We also are very aware of eating a health diet.
YUDI X. - 2021-10-11
similar feeling after a good meditation
James A. - 2021-10-09 | Beta Tester
Felt much more alert and we energized
Jonathan R. - 2021-10-09
The one distinct advantage in this product is the consistency it provides. It only gets better over time, and so long as you use as directed (5 on 2 off weekly), it will work wonders for you. Some other products may have a shorter-term improvement, but this one all-across the board gives my mind the ability to focus without feeling jittery, anxious or overwhelmed.
Shawn W. - 2021-10-09 | Beta Tester
This has helped me focus and be productive when i take it. It has been awesome.
Connie W. - 2021-10-08
I want to use this longer before I write a full review. So far so good!
Leslie S. - 2021-10-08
Of all the products I've looked into or tried, Qualia Mind is the most comprehensive and I definitely feel a difference on and off it.