Marko O. reviewed Qualia Mind

6 months ago

10 % increase

Pros: -More energy -More mental focus -More drive to accomplish things -I feel like this product gives my brain a 10 % boost in general -Better memory -Simple schedule to take the pills Cons: -I sweat a little bit for about 1 hour after taking it. It's not a lot, plus it is summer, so I sweat a fair amount without taking it too. By the way, I'm a real person and I'm unbiased. An AI would never write this part out lol, at least to my knowledge they're not that sophisticated yet.

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Justin L. March 29, 2022

5 stars

Joe B. March 1, 2022

Long Time User

Been using Qualia Mind for years, game changer!

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Scott M. April 11, 2023

Great Product

Been using Qualia for several years Definitely notice an improvement in my mental sharpness

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Sean M. November 7, 2020

Good stufffffffff

First few days it worked great, it's kind of gone down a bit but it's stabilized I think, I still definitely feel like I'm functioning higher than I used to.

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