Joshua R. reviewed Qualia Life

4 months ago

A Gentle Tickle in my Tummy & it is Yummy!

I have added Life drink mix to my daily regimen and lately I've been feeling like superman! The drink mix has a very different flavor that will instantly light up your taste buds & neurons, at first I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, however as time went on I have grown quite fond of the taste. The texture & flavor is that similar to of a very light smoothie, the flavor combination is one you've never had before, and I enjoy it everyday I'm at work right around lunch time. I also take Qualia Mind 2hrs before I take Eternus now, and I can say that it certainly has given a huge boost to the effects/benefits you get from taking Qualia Mind. The two compliment each other very well and I think I found my sweet spot far as dosing goes for maximum optimization that fits to my schedule & lifestyle, and so yeah I feel amazing, I want to say thank you to Neurohacker Collective for all of their work and providing me the opportunity to help myself be a better me, so thank you. I have add Qualia Night to my collection and only have recently started taking it - I'll give my thoughts & review on that soon. And for anyone out there that has cannabis in their diet, and is wondering if it's safe to incorporate these products in with that kind of diet, well so far yes for me. Go to work - first break Qualia Mind. Lunch - Qualia Life/Eternus. Come home and unwind with a bowl of weed - Qualia Night. I am starting to feel pretty healthy feeling, I don't know it's hard to describe besides feeling good lol. My job performance is way up, I mean I'm on my game A+ all the way all day, and my job is uh very chaotic at times at least 3-4 times a week. Anyways overall I'm feeling great and can't wait to see how I'm feeling in another couple months. With love, -JR

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Jack C. August 28, 2019

Subtle boost in energy

After two weeks of use, I feel a subtle energy boost. I hope the benefits improve over time.

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Edward C. September 25, 2020


I find Qualia Life to be outstanding. All the major areas of living have improved. This cannot be emphasized enough!

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Candace K. October 3, 2018

The main effect I felt was a huge boost in mood. I felt ridiculously happy all day. I'm generally a happy person, but I was noticeably more enthusiastic about life and felt incredibly grateful all day. I also had a boost in productivity, motivation, and focus. Only downside was sleep, but hopeful...

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Danielle K. June 25, 2019

Excellent product

I like this product allot and felt the effects almost immediately with increased energy.

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