Orlando R. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

9 months ago

Defying Aging to Saying

I been reversing my biology by decades in my 30s feeling better than I did on my 20s and neurohacker has been part of the hack to achieve this, I highly recommend there products. There missing is my goal to a better me in every aspect of my unfolding life.

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Jay R. April 13, 2023


It took awhile but after a few days I noticed I was moving better

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Leigh F. April 29, 2023

I feel more like myself again

I was a bit skeptical at first and don’t really know what to expect but I do notice a big change in my overall energy and clarity of mind. I feel like I have the mental energy to get up and do things again. It has only been two months so I feel like I’m still testing it out but so far I’m happy a...

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Amanda S. December 5, 2023

Optimize Aging

Dr. Mindy Pelz recommended this as a way to promote healthy aging at a cellular level. I like that the dosage is only twice a month. Looking forward to tracking how it improves mind clarity and joint health.

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Angela C. December 14, 2023


Early days, but definitely felt something different when I took this!

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