Rebecca D. reviewed Qualia Night

3 months ago

Didn't work in the slightest

Took Qualia night as directed for a month and not only noticed zero difference in sleep, but I woke up more frequently throughout the night.

Neurohacker Collective
We are sorry to hear Qualia Night did not work for your biochemistry. We see that you've reached out to Customer Support so you are all set. Thank you!

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Lucas C. July 16, 2020

Love it. Recommend everyone try it for better sleep!

I'm super impressed by the noticeable effects after taking it. I consistently wake up earlier in the mornings, more refreshed than before. My deep sleep has increased to the 2 hour range (in Oura ring scores), which is exciting and something I'd been working on for a while! And at night, I do fee...

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Meg D. March 21, 2024

Super helpful!

I always have trouble getting to sleep and this helped my brain calm down and allowed me to get deeper sleep.

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Chris T. August 2, 2021

5 stars

Trey H. November 9, 2021

LOVE Qualia Night

Since taking Qualia Night before dinner I've been sleeping much better and having very vivid dreams. 10/10

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