John K. reviewed Qualia Mind

6 months ago

Everyone is familiar with that power star in Super Mario Brothers.... Qualia Mind + Eternus is that star!

I've been a Qualia customer for what seems like forever, and I've taken a couple extended breaks to really feel & see the difference without it. I can honestly say coming on and off of it a couple times.... that it makes a huge difference in my life... from cognitive aspects to the very fiber of everyday movement & living itself. It's one of those things where you look back in retrospect and have this profound gratitude that such a well calibrated stack exists. Then came Eternus!!!! I've been taking Eternus alongside Qualia Mind as of recently, and the results are in... *Fill in Super Mario Brother's Power Star MIDI track here* For me personally it took about 10-12 days to really notice the difference of this combo, but it took the already amazing results of Qualia mind, and turned things up to 11! So yes my mind was officially blown and reassembled thanks to NHS and their mad science/witchcraft. I don't know how much better it can get from here... but i'm curious what Neurohacker Collective has in store for us next, and look forward to it with an eager eye!

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Arthur S. August 23, 2019

The most essential supplement

Qualia is the most effective supplement I have ever consumed, and has altered my physiological state toward a more positive and cohesive existence. I have used Alpha Brain with success, but Qualia makes it look like Flinstone Vitamins

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Dawnmarie A. September 20, 2018


Not as good as I expected, however, i may need the focus formula, and not this one.

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Linda S. December 30, 2019

I tried it.

I haven't seen any benefits as of yet. Can't hurt, I suppose, but expensive for not seeing any results.

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Ngaire W. July 31, 2019

Still in my trial phase

If there have been changes for me, I think they have been more subtle. I will try stopping Qualia for a month to see what I notice and then re-start if I think I am getting benefit.

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