Mary K. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

6 months ago

excellent customer service

My order was processed overnight: received in less than a week.

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Amber M. April 25, 2023


Finally got some relief from my knee pain! Getting up and down the stairs is significantly easier!!

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Heather D. June 1, 2022

Feeling it!

Love the cutting edge research this product manifests into an easy to take product. After the hints of ease in my body offered by one dose I look forward to the next!Love the simple environmentally friendly packaging and easy dosing schedule. Excited about the science behind the product.

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Tao F. December 29, 2022

Cleaning out the old

Senolytics are lovely ways to clean out senescent cells. I was previously taking several on their own. Qualia has put together even more, and given a clear dosing schedule. This subscription makes taking senolytics easy.

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Heather F. April 26, 2023

Good ingredients!

This supplement has all the right research backed ingredients. I’m excited to see what a dose each month will do.

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