Mike L. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

8 months ago

Feel so good

Great Product ! !

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Stacia D. October 28, 2023

Easy to take

I am so interested in the fact that you only take this once a month. I will be curious to see what benefits to offers to me.

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Matthew L. June 29, 2023


I feel renewed. Energy and focus are noticeable.

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Meg H. November 23, 2022

feel better

This supplement helped me feel better

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Bruce M. June 29, 2023

I'd like to do a second dose.

The first day of taking it, I had a bought of diarrhea which normalized after the morning of taking the first dose. Both days I had significant headaches. Not sure if they were related. I do feel a slight bit of relief, two days after from general soreness.

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