Danielle F. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

11 months ago

One dose so far

I've only taken one dose so far but I have noticed a difference in my energy, my strength, and just my overall wellbeing. Looking forward to feeling even better with future doses.

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Sallie H. November 26, 2023

Hopeful & optimistic, have been waiting to try!

Have seen these come up via Dave Asprey many times. Have been wanting to try. I’ve only just taken my second day of pills so will be interested to watch for changes for the rest of the month. I wish the price point was half of what it is, not sure I can afford this full price on a monthly basis.

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JaniceEllen P. January 28, 2024

Satisfied customer

Thank you!

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Jason P. August 29, 2023

Feeling better

I feel better...can't wait for second dose

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Ken R. June 1, 2022


Definitely felt relief The packaging was very nice and the introductions were ready to follow.

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