Aly A. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 1 year ago

Focus and flow

It helps with focus and flow. Would love for it to help with motivation, stamina and ability to switch tasks.

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Don S. March 8, 2023

Mental clarity ✨️

I took this product in the am before my morning walk outside and I could tell when it kicked in because my famous and mind clarity was insane. Thank you

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Stephanie R. March 10, 2023

Only positive results

Felt more energy and motivation

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Carol C. November 9, 2021

Helps with "word search"

A little heart burn at first. Focus seemed to hep me with clearer conversation and choice of words especially in stressful . I seems similar to Qualia Mind but with the addition of celastrus paniculatus seed extract which I am interested in learning more about.especially in stressful situations....

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Melissa M. May 19, 2023

Helpful for writing and studying

I found this product to be helpful for studying and writing. I can have a challenging time focusing and this product does assist well.

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