Sarah F. reviewed Qualia Mind | Beta Tester

almost 2 years ago

Great name for the study.

I very much enjoyed being part of this study. The Qualia Mind product combined with the regular Balanced Runner lessons had a notably positive impact on various aspects of my running - the ease and fluidity and power I felt in my daily runs. I did not notice any negative effects from the product in any way. While I could not specifically separate out the benefits of the supplement versuses simply doing the lessons themselves, I certainly felt that I was able to adapt the learnings from the lessons quickly and consistently, and that likely the supplement played a part in supporting these effects.

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Jessica R. January 24, 2024

Early but hopeful

I received my first bottle of Qualia Mind three days ago. I haven't had time to gauge the overall effects and will review properly after the first month or so. I take the full 7 capsule dose in the morning with my coffee, prior to food intake. I feel balanced throughout the day, capable and produ...

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Isaiah P. September 30, 2022

Quality Stuff

Enjoyed the mindfulness

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Wyatt J. October 21, 2019

Drives me to do more!

Honestly was skeptical about buying this, but was not disappointed when I got my first order. The staff was very friendly when a shipping issue occurred. 10/10 would recommend to a friend if they wanted to increase their cognitive functionality!

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Ammar F. November 13, 2022

4 stars