Amanda C. reviewed Qualia Mind

8 months ago

I get it now

The first two weeks, I did not feel as if it was working, or if it was just another product that was over priced and under delivered. Then one night during the end of a late night volleyball game, I was still sharp, attentive and full of vigor. On my way home, I realized this was working slowly and subtly. My days required less and less caffeine, I was able to concentrate on tasks that required deeper focus and clarity without as many breaks. My words were flowing easily, as before I had a tendency to stumble over words or forget them completely. The only thing I had changed in my life was Qualia. I absolutely attribute my increased focus, creativity and ease and flow of information and attention to this product. Well worth the 7 pills at a time :)

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Anthony D. September 7, 2021


Absolutely the best nootropics on the market ever since I started taking Qualia mind I have noticed a big difference in my day-to-day life and I love it! I wouldn't shop anywhere else this is the best of the best.

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Darel H. July 20, 2021

Great Supplement!

I am happy with Qualia Mind. It has all the supplements you need wrapped up into one product.

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Julia R. September 17, 2018


Awesome product! I love my MIND!!

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DANIEL F. April 13, 2021

Good product

Can definitely tell a difference in focus and alertness. Will continue

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