Randi D. reviewed Qualia Mind

7 months ago


I can recall names easier, stay on task easier.

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Jacob D. June 25, 2023

True mental bliss

Qualia mind unlocks the peak performance of my mental health, unlike anything I've ever experienced before!

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Bob D. August 6, 2023

Feels like a nice overall upgrade of function

It’s only been a few weeks but overall the products feel of high quality and seem to help with focus, wellbeing, and energy throughout the day. The company seems to care about making the best products they can

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Robert G. January 28, 2022

Qualia Mind

I love the product and have noticeable benefits from it...but it is overpriced and you have to take seven capsules. The overpriced aspect has me looking at competitors.

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Michael B. February 8, 2024

Useful, well researched, and back by scien-tists

I am still waiting to get into the habit of taking this, but overall the supplement raises your overall attention to detail, focus and energy.

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