Marlene S. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

4 months ago

Just started…a new beginning

I’ve just recently found and began Synolytic. I am very glad, and a bit overly excited, truth be told, to have the opportunity to rejuvenate this body over the coming years. At 73 yrs of life on this planet I’m sure it’s appropriate. Looking forward to begin checking off benefits others have experienced. Thanks for your curiosity and work! well done.

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Alicia J. January 6, 2024


I have taken my first month of Senolytic, I feel more energised & focused. So keen to try more products now!

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Pamela B. October 4, 2023

Love this!

I feel like a new person everytime I do my monthly pills for two days. Sounds corny, but it's true!! It a remarkable effect to experience.

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Cruz B. April 12, 2024

Great Supplement

I took my first 2 servings and felt energetic and focused.

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Darsi M. January 26, 2023

So far very good results. .

I took the two day dose and it was like a light went on.I cannot wait to take them again next month.

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