Daniel R. reviewed Qualia Night

about 1 month ago

More restful sleep, no matter how much or how little

I've been taking Qualia Night for the better part of a month now, and have definitely noticed an improvement in both the quality and length of my sleep (I track my sleep with an Oura ring), despite not having changed anything else about my nighttime routine during that time (warm shower an hour before bed, no food for 2+ hours before bed, no screens for 1 hour before bed, no blue lights all evening, 10 minutes of 4-7-8 breathing and meditation before bed, keep room at 65 degrees). Interestingly, even on nights where for one reason or another I was not able to sleep well (waking up in the middle of the night for bathroom, work stress making it difficult to sleep, etc.), I've noticed that I'm less tired and groggy the morning after than I normally would be on nights with poor sleep, and am better able to recover and bounce back from those nights. Will continue to use it as part of my sleep improvement/maintenance routine! Thanks Neurohacker!

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John D. July 13, 2020

Product Works Well

The product works well, but no better or worse than several other natural sleep aids I've recently used.

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Melody C. July 10, 2020

Helps fall asleep

I took the product about 3 hours before I go to sleep. It definitely helped me get drowsy and I was able to fall asleep quickly. On average I would sleep well until about 4 am or so, and then be wide awake. This was annoying because I would still feel quite tired and wanted to go back to sleep, b...

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Katie M. July 13, 2020

Great product!

My quality of sleep was suffering before I started this trial. I tested taking 2, 3, and 4 capsules. Taking 2 and 3 was not much difference. Both had solid sleep quality and I woke up wide awake after 6 hours (would like at least 7). I'm usually still sleepy when I wake up, no matter how much qua...

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Daniel M. August 25, 2020

Lifelong insomnia Alleviation

I am on my first cycle of Qualia Night and have received tremendous benefits from its usage. It's in my family to have troubled sleep habits, I am no different. I have used prescriptions, herbal tinctures, meditation, and other various methods to try and regulate my sleep habits. Both prescrip...

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