Shaun G. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 1 year ago

Neutral Effects - Did not notice and positive or negative effects from this product

I did not notice any positive or negative effects of this product.

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Alfonso M. July 5, 2023

Great product

Great product

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Jordan B. September 11, 2023

Good overall focus

I've been taking Neurohacker for several months now and I feel like I have more focus than before. I don't feel overly stimulated, but it has a nice crystal clear alertness. I enjoy how productive I am while taking it, and how sharpe my mind seems to work. I would definitely recommend trying it o...

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Nichole T. November 16, 2021

first review

Wouldn't say I am noticing a ton, but I am feeling a little more alert during the week when I am taking the product.

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Keith B. May 16, 2023

Got as a Gift

So far everything about the company has been great. Received this offer from my local gym, ordered the Focus and received it in less than 2 days. Will try to remember to update review if I notice any improvements

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