Gregg K. reviewed Qualia Life

almost 2 years ago

No effect

I haven’t felt any noticeable difference in energy, focus etc

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October 8, 2021

5 stars

Kisha B. January 16, 2021

Eternus helped jumpstart my day

I was surprised that a serving was 8 pills. However, they were easy to take. I made an effort to eat because it was suggested that the pills be taken with food. I felt that I had more energy. I had so much to where I found it difficult to get to sleep. I was able to work out more. I even increase...

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Tracey D. January 25, 2021

Less potent, a bit calmer than Mind

It seems a bit less potent than Mind, but also I feel less on edge.

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Jordan W. October 24, 2021

4 stars