Kim H. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

11 months ago

Not for me

Nausea and no noticeable cognitive benefit

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Patrick K. April 5, 2022

The jury is still out...but they WANT to experience an impact...

I have not felt any difference yet...but I remain hopeful and optimistic

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Kevin B. April 20, 2022

Seems to do the trick

Been taking it for about a week now and it seems to give me a focus boost. Looking forward to checking long-term effects.

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Jillean V. September 4, 2021

Focused clean energy

I felt much sharper this week and able to sustain focus for longer

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Tabatha N. May 20, 2023

A Nudging Companion

If Focus were a person, it would be that well-meaning acquaintance you occasionally bump into at social gatherings. Polite and considerate, but ultimately lacking that special something to make them stand out from the crowd. That's precisely how I would describe my experience with Focus. During ...

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