guy c. reviewed Qualia Night

3 months ago

Nothing Yet!

Going into my 3rd week and have seen no real effect yet. Still hoping though!

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Jon P. September 7, 2021

Not an insomnia treatment

Hasn’t really worked for me after 3 weeks. No noticeable difference to quality of my sleep. Maybe it helps good sleepers to sleep more deeply but it certainly won’t fix chronic insomnia.

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Timothy D S. July 13, 2022


Eddie M. April 11, 2021

Wake up feeling amazing!

I am a very light sleeper and typically wake up several times at night. So naturally it's quite common for me to wake up feeling a bit tired still. However I've been taking Qualia Night for two weeks now and every morning I've woken up feeling great. I don't notice falling asleep faster and I sti...

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Amy V. February 5, 2023

Seems to help

Seems to help me sleep better.

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